Modern History

2. October 2000, Chevron announces the acquisition of Texaco for $45 billion.

This event made the corporation the second largest oil company in the US and the fourth largest oil company in the world. Status of the company and the public trade with the marked had approximately $95 billion value at that time.

3. In 2005, Chevron bought the Unocal Corporation for $18.4 billion.

Unocal Corporation was largest geothermal resource operator at that time. By purchasing the company, Chevron became one of the largest producer of geothermal energy. This move increased Chevron`s oil and natural gas reserves by 15%.

4. Chevron purchases Atlas Energy Inc., based in Pennsylvania, for Modern History $3.2 billion.

Atlas Energy owed $1.1 billion to Chevron and decided to sell the company for $3.2 billion taking in to account the debt they have. Good deal for Chevron.

5. May 1998, demonstration of Nigerian people on a Chevron oil platform.

Head of Chevron representatives in Nigeria asked the local police and army to disperse the rioters. Consequently, two activists died. Later the marked value of the company started to fall.

6. Crude oil spill in Brazil on November 8, 2011.

More than 400,000 liter of oil leaked for two weeks from Brazilian coast. The closing price on the stock decreased by $4 the next day Modern History.

7. October 2013, Chevron stopped its drilling plans in Romania.

Native people living in Romanian villages protested against the shale gas extractions, being afraid of ground water pollution.

8. Chevron sells retail distribution business in Pakistan to its joint venture Total S.A

9. In October 2014, Kuwait Oil Company acquired 30% of Chevron’s Canadian Oil Shale Holding.

10. June 2008, a fire caused by Chevron operations destroyed a natural forest in Bangladesh.

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